A video series from two guys talking about life, politics, entertainment and other random things while being under enemy fire in the military simulation game Escape from Tarkov. It’s like being stuck in the trenches of a post-apocalyptic Russian battlefield, talking to your friends about bad life choices, while trying to survive.

Your hosts are Fabian A. Scherschel, a freelance journalist from Düsseldorf and Jonathan M. Hethey, a developer from Copenhagen.

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Episode 31: PP Tattoo

By PP we obviously mean the Tarkov gun, nothing else! Our adventure goes slightly sideways, where it was supposed to go STRAIGHT IN there!

Episode 30: The Dark is Night and Full our Tummies

We venture forth into the black pit that is Factory at 3 in the morning!

Episode 29: Ghost SCAV Bully!

We have a lovely time looting and scooting until we meet our spookiest, invisible and invincible foe yet!

Episode 28: We have Reservations

We’re on a mission to not starve (no affiliation to the game Don’t Starve!) and meet friend and foe on Reserve!

Episode 27: Customs Chaos

We experience the new event in Tarkov and quickly realise, that new challenges have crept right into our bodies!

Episode 26: Night of the Interrats Part 2

We continue our ratty adventures on Interchange and get cozy at a lovely fire.

Episode 25: Night of the Interrats Part 1

Have you heard about the elf on the shelf? Well he has a glock in his stock! We run around on Interchange and meet friend and foe!

Episode 24: Basic Training

Looting, shooting, obedience and rambling, all in equal parts make up a good Tarkov player! We’re putting all of these to a test!

Episode 23: Are We The Dirty Fuckers?

We share some concert love and get into a few fights with the locals! Also Fab calls Jonathan out for excessive looting.

Episode 22: Tarkovpunk 2077

No Netflix in Denmark, but Cyberpunk 2077? What madness!

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