A video series from two guys talking about life, politics, entertainment and other random things while being under enemy fire in the military simulation game Escape from Tarkov. It’s like being stuck in the trenches of a post-apocalyptic Russian battlefield, talking to your friends about bad life choices, while trying to survive.

Your hosts are Fabian A. Scherschel, a freelance journalist from D├╝sseldorf and Jonathan M. Hethey, a developer from Copenhagen.

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Episode 21: MORE BPM!

Music references ­čÄÁ: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLREPJkaCQnNeLqZiv2THWg-wtU2MPj3HM We’re always having a great time and we get along well, especially when talking biology and music!

Episode 20: Skiers "Movie" Collection

We make our way to pick up some “compromising” goods for a man with a hat. There is a bridge, shall we pass it? Or must we flee?

Episode 19: Fleshlights and Flashlights

We’re coming at you with a blast from the past! This was recorded pre-wipe, but we’re still doing what we usually do. Of course we also had a slight technical hiccup which gives you, the viewer, the bonus of seeing both our faces all the time!

Episode 18: Rogue Elements

We keep struggling. With technology. With player scavs, the lighthouse! We’ll come back though, great loot and nice sights!

Episode 17: Content Creation is Hard!

We catch each other up on recent developments in our lives and work through some issues!

Episode 16: New Sheriff in the Factory

It’s time to put on the leather boots and quell revolt with revolvers! We go to the factory with cowboy weaponry to celebrate the devs putting revolvers in the game. It doesn’t end well.

Episode 15: Space Marines - Front Towards Enemy

Jonathan gets a primer in Space Marine lore from Fab and they bumble through LABS like a bunch of Space Morons.

Episode 14: Customs Air Traffic Control

We happen upon someone unexpected during our routine air traffic control operations on Customs!

Episode 13: Romeo + Juliet

A tale of a theater play on a lovely castle ruin, our PMC bodies are turned into ruins as well!

Episode 12: St├╝rming Shturman

Our heroes throw themselves at an incredible adventure yet again, they are hunting the furry hooded menace known as Shturman! Let’s risk it all for the loot!

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